Kelowna Hiring Health Practitioner – Pediatric & Perinatal

Welcome to AltaVie Integrated Family Health

We are hiring healthcare practitioners in Kelowna BC!

I am glad we have peaked your interest.  You must be a cool cat who likes to work with kids and their moms. We hope that you are as excited about your future as we are.  We have worked hard to earn an amazing reputation in the birth and baby community of Kelowna - a reputation for clinical expertise, for authentic care, and for reliable service.

We are looking for someone special who is going to fit snuggly into our team of incredible people and bring their own personal pizzazz to our office. We look forward to meeting you soon.

We are looking for someone... but we don't know who! Our team has space to grow and no professional prejudice. We are focused on the people that we love to serve. If you love to serve families along their journey from preconception, pregnancy, pediatrics, and parenting,  let's talk!  Not quite at the point of professional expertise in these areas but interested in diving in deeper? We want to talk to you too!  We have the capacity to create a fabulous mentorship opportunity that will help you grow.

Any registered, regulated profession is welcome. In particular, we feel these professions would fit readily into our space:

We are open to unexpected opportunities. Even if you are not listed above but think you would bring something to our team, let us know!

This is a great opportunity to collaborate and mentor with an experienced multidisciplinary team. It is also a good chance to move to Kelowna!

AltaVie Integrated Family Health

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About the Job - Healthcare Hiring in Kelowna

Start Date

We're looking for someone to start as soon as possible. However, we're also willing to wait for the right person with the right skills and a good fit.


Depending on specialty and room needs, we have a openings in our shared rooms.  Schedules are arrange to attempt to work with our practitioner's schedules as best we can.

Pay Scale

We offer a favourable percentage basis, commensurate with experience, education, and skill set, comparable within industry norms dependent on profession.

Patient Treatment Time

That's up to you! We have our current services set up and we are open to adding more based on what you have to offer the families of the Okanagan.

Team Dynamic

 We work as a team. Period. All our clinicians are treated as equals. There are no "junior" associates, "probationary" performance reviews, or seniority ranks.

Patient Focus

Everyone deserves fantastic health. However, our office focuses on Pediatrics, Pregnancy, Family, Fertility, and Female Health.

Who We're Looking For - Kelowna Hiring


Any and all practitioners within a registered and regulated profession who are interested in focusing on pediatric and/or pregnancy care are welcome to apply. We're looking for the right person who will complement our team, not a specific job title.

Formal Education

We gladly accept graduates from any school or any era of schooling. For us to consider hiring you, you must be registered within your profession in the province of British Columbia and meet all their criteria for a practitioner in good standing.

Personal Attributes

We support many families and young children in this community. We are seeking someone who is committed to sharing in this amazing opportunity. This is your chance to mentor under and collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of super smart ladies.

Interested? Please Click the Button Below to Apply via Email

Let's start the hiring process here. We will be in touch within one week of receiving your application. If you do not hear from us within a week, please contact us. We make sure your application did not get lost in the inter-webs.