Preconception Prep

So you're ready to have a baby, eh?  Or at least, you are ready to maybe start thinking about potentially not trying not to have a baby....  Or maybe you have yearning for that little one for what feels like forever now and you have yet to "succeed".  Wherever you are at today in that journey, we are here to help you prepare your body (and brain) for a baby.

There is a lot involved in preparing yourself to build a person.  It involves your whole being - physical, chemical, and emotional.  And tt's not all about just "getting" pregnant either. Your body will go through incredible feats of biomechanics over a 40-ish week training period before leading up to the main athletic event: birth.

Don't get overwhelmed yet! Our team will guide you along a custom plan that is catered to help you prepare for all the pieces that you can control and support so that you can breathe a little easier (literally) and let go of the rest, knowing you've done your best.

Filling the world with healthy babies is fun! Our team is here to help. Naturopathic Physician Dr Stephanie Schiemann can help you create (and execute) a customized whole-person approach that addressed your health concerns and maximizes your fertility.  Our chiropractors will help prepare your body biomechanically, addressing any old injuries and providing home exercise rehab so you can build a baby-ready body. Our massage therapists will support these physical shifts, as well as encourage blood flow and promote relaxation, an important parasympathetic antagonist to an overactive or chronic stress response. Call the office or book online today.  We suggest starting with one of our Naturopathic Doctor (ND) or one of our Doctors of Chiropractic (DC), as they will help facilitate a full-team plan made especially for you.

What is Preconception Preparation?

Preconception Preparation is a wide umbrella that can encompass everything from fertility support (of both diagnosed and undiagnosed causes) to planning for those wanting to create to most healthy environment for their baby to grow and thrive.  This period can last anywhere from 1 month to 1 year depending on your start point and your personal timeslines, through 3-6 months are usually recommended.

1. Chemical

We live in a world where we can't control all of our chemical exposures.  Our internal chemical environment not only is where your baby will be "living" for the first nine months, but it has a major role to play in your capacity to become pregnant in the first place.  Imbalances in hormonal systems (including thyroid disorders, diabetes, and obesity) will directly impact your reproductive health.  Inflammatory disruption will not only affect your ability to get knocked up, but it can also influence how comfortable the next few months will be as well!  Through clinical nutrition support, we can help guide you along support these health conditions and achieving a healthy weight.  Even if you have no diagnosed conditions and are currently at a healthy weight, we can help you increase your nutrient density and "fill up your cup" by replenishing any nutrient depletions.

2. Physical

You work hard. Your body has been through a lot in your lifetime thus far.  If you have already had a baby (or two, or three...) then postnatal  rehab in between children will be a BIG deal to get your core and pelvis feeling strong again. Your physical fitness and biomechanical integrity will play a major role in how much you are actually going to enjoy being pregnant.  It's a lot easy to prepare a strong body preemptively than it is to build one while pregnant!  Bonus being that strong body that you will maintain throughout your pregnancy is going to come in handy on push day and for the fun that comes after.

3. Emotional

Although we don't have any practitioners who specialize in psychology and supporting emotional, spiritual, and social health (though we can refer you to other members of our community who do), we acknowledge the significant role that your emotional well-being has your reproductive health and your pregnancy experience.  We could write a whole book on all the ways that stress impacts fertility on a chemical and neurological level.  In our experience, setting apart a chapter in your life dedicated to prepare yourself, your family, and your home for a little one to come is an extremely rewarding experience.  Not that you will ever feel fully "ready", but you will feel satisfied in knowing that you created a plan, you followed it, and you did everything you know how to give your baby-to-be the best chance at a thriving life.