Here are some of the services that we offer at AltaVie Integrated Family Health.  There is a lot more than meets the eye under each umbrella!

Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage

Craniosacral Therapy for infants & adults

Mama Massage

Under the scope of our fields above, we also offer exercise prescription, ergonomic considerations, lifestyle counselling and stress management support, and functional nutrition support.  All of our practitioners are able to offer their high quality services to infants, children, and pregnant women. Our chiropractors are Webster certified for pregnancy care. Each of our healthcare providers has a unique background and diverse training, so be sure to check out their profiles to see who is the best fit for you.

Our office is not just family-friendly, but intentionally family-focused.

Not sure where to start or have some questions you would like addressed first?  Book in for a free 15 minute chat with one of our chiropractors and we will make sure that you are getting started on the care that is right for you in your unique situation.