Meet the AltaVie Team

AltaVie Team DC OT RMT

We are excited to introduce you to the incredible AltaVie Team!

At AltaVie Integrated Family Health, we were very picky with the team we build. We are also very happy with what we have come up with!  All of our healthcare practitioners are lovely, passionate people. They are good at what they do and they care about their patients.  We think you will be quite impressed with the quality of the care and the people that you will experience under our roof.  We are excited to introduce you to our qualified multidisciplinary team.

All of our practitioners at AltaVie have experience and training in pregnancy and postnatal support.  Most of them also work with children and have completed an uncountable number of hours honing their skills and furthering their education with the aim of serving you and your family in the absolute best expression of thriving health.  We pride ourselves on offering evidence-based, skilled services in a family-friend environment.

Dr Amanda Stevens DC
Dr Anna Marie Gierach DC
Dr Stephanie Schiemann ND
Hilary Krumm RMT
Julie Pillon RMT

Office Administrators

These ladies keep us all on track and they are here to support you in your experience. They can assist you with scheduling, billing, relaying messages to your practitioners, and even help with baby/kids while you are in the office. Please don't hesitate to let them help you!

Jody Schmuland - AltaVie Office Manager
Jody Schmuland - AltaVie Office Manager
Rachel Harrhy - AltaVie Office Administrator

We work as a team, supporting each other and collaborating for the benefit of the patient.  We encourage and push each other to reach higher in our patient care standards, our educational pursuits, and in living out our life values.  Contact the office to put the AltaVie team to work for you!

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