Dr Stephanie Schiemann ND

Your Mama-Baby Naturopathic Doctor


Our Naturopathic Doctor (ND) Dr Steph has decided to take a step back from clinical practice to focus on her boys. We are eager to have her back in office when she is ready. In the meantime, these are the lovely NDs who she is recommending for her patients:

Dr Erica Volk

For hormone & GI & paediatric support


Dr Emily Freistatter ND at ProMotion

For TCM/acupuncture/Fertility

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Stephanie Shiemann ND
Stephanie Shiemann ND

A Mama Doctor for Mamas

Stephanie maintains a general naturopathic family practice with a special focus in pediatrics and women's health, including fertility, pregnancy, prenatal care, and postpartum care. At CCNM, Stephanie also completed a one-year pediatric placement where she treated a broad range of childhood concerns including anxiety, developmental disorders (like Autism and ADHD), and common childhood illnesses.

A mother herself, Stephanie is passionate about sharing strategies for a healthy transition into motherhood. To reduce labour times and minimize the need for medical interventions during birth, she finds mind-body relaxation strategies and acupuncture to be effective. During the post-partum period, she draws upon treatments like botanical medicine and nutritional therapy to aid in healing, mood support, and improvement of milk supply.

Focused Fertility & Preconception Support

Regardless of whether patients are considering natural conception or IVF, Stephanie uses an evidence-based approach to improve rates of pregnancy. She treats both male and female fertility concerns by addressing underlying hormonal imbalances, working to reduce stress responses, and by teaching patients how to decrease exposure to hormone disrupting environmental toxins. For patients undergoing assisted reproduction, Stephanie often uses acupuncture and safe natural treatments to support success.

Naturopathic Medicine for Whole-Person Holistic Health

Stephanie believes in a whole person approach to treatment and has sought additional training in mind-body medicine, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and mindfulness-based stress reduction. She also holds prescriptive authority in British Columbia for pharmaceutical medications.

When not seeing patients, you will find Stephanie at the local farmer's market, canning seasonal vegetables and fruit, going for a hike or horseback ride, or at the ski hill in the winter.

Dr Stephanie Schiemann, licensed Naturopathic Doctor, is a mom to a mom of 2 busy boys. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. She graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) after obtaining her Masters degree from Queen's University.