Hilary Krumm RMT

Your dedicated perinatal RMT is here to help you feel good during pregnancy

and achieve a full postnatal recovery for an active happy life.

Hilary Krumm is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) whose practice is centered exclusively on prenatal and postnatal care.  She incorporates a therapeutic approach that includes skilled hands-on soft tissue mobilization, specific perinatal exercise and homecare instructions, and positive patient empowerment.  Pairing manual care with active care and motivating patients to tap into their inner strength helps clients take control of their own wellness through personalized self care routines. There are few other stages in life where this holistic approach is more impactful than during the pregnancy and early postnatal journey!

Here is a "short-list" of some of Hilary's qualifications:

Hilary has attended many other courses over the last 10 years for continued professional and clinical development, these happen to be the most recent relevant to her current practice.  She is also currently working on a Diaphragm and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation course called Piston Science through PT Julie Weibe (USA).

Perinatal RMT Hilary Krumm

Her desire is to empower women during pregnancy and to promote optimal health as they enter into labour and postpartum recovery.  She has taken advanced post-graduate classes in prenatal massage and postnatal core and pelvic floor rehabilitation. A true learning enthusiast, Hilary intends to continue expanding her knowledge of pelvic floor dysfunction, infant massage, breast massage, and post-Cesarean scar treatments. She also loves to support mom and baby through a healthy and successful breastfeeding relationship and plans on increasing her repertoire in this field in the future as well.

RMT Hilary Krumm Happy Healthy Mom

Hilary moved to Kelowna from Quesnel in 2004 to begin her lifelong journey of education and sun seeking.  Before beginning her education journey as a manual therapist, she attended Okanagan University College/UBC-O and obtained her Business Administration Diploma from Okanagan College.  Hilary and her family enjoy anything active, especially volleyball and being outdoors. She and her husband have two young, wild and adventurous daughters. She is a living testimonial of how fulfilling a happy, healthy, active life with kids can be.

Perinatal RMT Hilary Krumm is limiting her clientele and clinic hours to nurture a positive work-life balance (meaning she is only working part-time so she can take her kids to school).  She is currently only accepting new patients who are prenatal or postnatal. 

If her hours are not working with your schedule, please consider checking RMT Julie Pillon's schedule.  As with everyone at AltaVie, she works with pregnant and postnatal women, but does not limit her new patients to only that population.  She also works more hours, so she is a little more accommodating.

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RMT Hilary Krumm - Pregnant
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RMT Hilary Krumm - Family

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