Mission Statement & Values

Our Mission

To provide a safe and welcoming environment for families to access and enjoy the highest quality of holistic healthcare, from the preconception period through pregnancy to paediatric and postnatal care.

Who We Serve

  1. Our Patients
    • Our number one priority is to provide safe, effective, evidence-informed, patient-centric healthcare.  We serve our patients first.
  1. Our Team
    • To best serve the patients, we need to serve the people serving the patients best.  We want every member on our team to have a life full of the people, things, and activities they love - a fulfilling balance and blend of work and family.
  1. Our Community
    • We love the place we live. Being blessed to work and play in the beautiful Okanagan, we want to be a blessing to the community around us as well.
Patient Focused Care
Patient Focused Care
Family Friendly Environment
Family Friendly Environment

What We Stand For (Core Values)

  1. Evidence-Informed Practice
    • Using the best available scientific evidence, expert opinion, personal experience, and patient preference to create individualized treatments and care plans.
  1. Environment Conducive to Progress and Positive Change for the Whole Family
    • An unostentatious approach to meeting a person where they are at in their journey - without judgement, condemnation, or guilt - in a place where they are safe to parent, potty-train, nurse, and cry.
  1. Honesty
    • Not only full of integrity in our business and financial dealings but making a commitment never overstate nor underplay a patient’s clinical condition.
  1. Team (Village) Based Care
    • Encouraging and facilitating patients to seek the team of practitioners and specific treatments types that are best suited to their situation, whether in or out of our office.
  1. Progressing Understanding
    • Committed to systematically upgrading our techniques and knowledge base, progressing in self-development, contributing to the global scientific base, and continuously growing in our understanding of ourselves and each individual patient.